We all experience the massive effect foods have on moods. From the jittery caffeine buzz to drowsiness following a heavy meal, diet has a serious effect on how you feel.

What’s great about this, is we can choose to eat foods that boost our mood and do away with, or at least minimize the ones that leaves us cranky and irritated (hello sugary, processed foods!).

You’ll smile in no time with these delicious mood boosting foods.

Carbs: Had the misfortunate of spending time with a friend on a low-carb diet? Not so fun. Although sometimes bashed in the dieting world, carbohydrates are  important to maintain a positive mood, and are suspected to aid in serotonin production. Stick to healthy carbs like whole grains, potatoes and bananas, rather than donuts and croissants.

Oranges: Really, all fruits and vegetables will boost your mood (provided you enjoy the taste of them- it’s a buzz-kill to force yourself to eat foods you don’t like!). Oranges in particular contain folate, which affects the neurotransmitters that impact our mood. Pass the (fresh squeezed) OJ!

Tea: Ahh tea! I’m relaxed just thinking about it. The great thing about tea is the variety, and each kind can boost your mood in different ways. Sip chamomile to feel soothed and relaxed, peppermint to feel uplifted, and Earl Grey to perk up if you’re feeling drowsy.

Raw Cacao: Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa powder, and a powerhouse of nutrients! Add a tablespoon of this magnesium rich superfood to your next smoothie for a delicious, chocolaty treat.

Dates:  Sweet and so caramel-y, dates don’t just taste great, they also make you feel great!  Rather than reach for a Mars bar when you feel low, get your sugar fix from a handful of Medjool Dates, which are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

In general, foods that will keep you feeling your best are healthy, whole foods that you enjoy. Don’t worry about the occasional treat either- sometimes a big ice cream cone on a hot summer day is the happiest food of all.


Kate Horodyski is a Halifax-based freelance writer and wellness blogger. You can find her online on My Spiritual Roadtrip and on Instagram, @myspiritualroadtrip.