Good things come in small packages.

Our antipasto selection is no exception…


Peppadew are a beautifully sweet and spicy red pepper which is an impressive addition to any antipasto plate.  A relatively new process of pickling this style of pepper was discovered in 1990’s, and has since see an increase in popularity – it’s also a personal favourite of Pete himself!


A cold water fish, the salty anchovy is a great source of omega-3’s.  The fermented fish is typically strong in flavour and used sparingly in everything from Caesar dressing (yes!), pizza sauce and toppings and remoulades.  Anchovies get their flavour from a curing process where they are preserved in salt and brine.


Normally pate is considered a treat and is spread on a toasted baguette with a sweet glass of wine.  At Pete’s we have several pates to choose from, including Antonine Duck Pate with Orange or Pepper, Tony’s Pork Pate with Herbs or Cracked Pepper and Tour Eiffel Pate, which offers a variety of Bordeaux wines, Cognac, Fine Herb or Pepper.

Don’t be shy!

Show a little flare when preparing hors d’oeuvres.