Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich

Stop in and start your day right at Pete's Gluten Free Eatery on Dresden Row with one of our (you'd never know it's GF) breakfast sandwiches, freshly prepared j...

So many kinds of Fudge!

Pete's Fine Foods offers 50+ varieties of fudge. Such a range is unique in Nova Scotia! Pick-me-up treats, mixed with ice cream or melted on toast, our fudge...
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Ugli Fruit

The ugli fruit is a trademark name for a citrus hybrid specific to Jamaica. Technically the Ugli is a tangelo, a term that describes a number of hybrid crosses ...
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A sweet young turnip is a welcome guest at my dinner table any time. However, turnips have a rather rustic reputation. Some people still associate them with cat...
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Round, ripe, and red, the tomato is a sexy little number. The "love apple," as it was long called in England, was viewed with suspicion until early in the 20th ...
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The tomatillo is yet another vegetable (that is to say fruit, or actually berry) which both is and isn't what it seems. In appearance it resembles an unripe che...
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The tamarind tree is a large evergreen native to Africa that has been grown in India and Southeast Asia for as long as anyone can remember. The Arabs named it t...