We are proud to feature products from the following local bakeries.

24 Carrots Bakery

Located in Halifax, 24 Carrots Bakery is a family owned and operated, wholesale bakery providing specialty breads and baked goods to many of the finest hotels, restaurants, and grocers in the city. Their breads are baked fresh daily from quality ingredients and contain no added preservatives, dough enhancers, or artificial flavourings.

Owner/Manager Richard Boschel completed his Chef’s apprenticeship in his native France, a country known for its love of bread! His expertise in the culinary arts and years of experience as an Executive Chef in the hotel and restaurant industry have contributed to the success of 24 Carrots Bakery.

Aziz Best Baker

Trusted brand names in fresh baked foods and a steadfast commitment to quality, freshness and service are the values behind the success of AzizBestBaker. Their bakeries produce the finest breads, rolls, buns, tortillas, chips, snack cakes, cookies, donuts, cakes and pastries under a variety of popular brands that Pete’s customers know and love.

Boulangerie La Vendéenne

Originally from the la Vendéenne region on the Atlantic coast of France, Jean Marc Riant has been baking French-style bread for many years. He started apprenticing to be a baker when he was 15 and has been perfecting his craft ever since. Boulangerie la Vendéenne produces a large variety of organic artisanal breads and pastries. Baguettes, sourdough, rye, spelt, seven grain, apricots and honey and other products can be found at Pete’s.

Gingerbread Haus

Gingerbread Haus Bakery is a scratch bakery.  Everything is prepared on site from the finest ingredients and with the utmost care.  From their downtown Halifax location, they focus on bringing high quality traditional Germanic desserts and pastries with a few classic Canadian pastries and Maritime favorites.

Golden Bakery

Specializing in Pita Bread and Middle Eastern sweets and pastry gourmet items, Golden Bakery is the first of its kind in Halifax. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, a great deal of care and passion is put into the development of each recipe at the Bakery to ensure that customers take home fresh, decadent breads and sweets that are superior in quality. Their products taste as though they’ve been made in your own kitchen!  Golden Bakery uses fresh, preservative-free ingredients coupled with traditional baking techniques to produce top quality bread and baked goods.

Stone Hearth Bakery

Stone Hearth Bakery is a Kosher bakery that offers customers European-style breads, bagels and specialty baked goods, all baked with finest of ingredients without using animal fats, preservatives or dairy products.  Stone Hearth Bakery operates a work adjustment skills training program where individuals who have barriers to employment are provided the opportunity to develop good work habits, gain employment experience and build self-confidence.

Julien’s Pastry Shop

Didier Julien came to Halifax for a 6-month contract in 1984 and is still here–he loves Nova Scotia! As a Master Baker of Artisan breads and pastries, he is a traditional perfectionist, always striving for consistently high quality. Demanding the same standards from himself and his employees, he epitomizes the proverb about “doing a job right or not at all”.  Laura Mulrooney, the other half of Julien’s, takes care of the customers and their changing needs. She prides herself on remembering individual preferences, and making each person feel at home, usually on a first-name basis.  Offering fresh butter croissants, French pastries and a wide selection of delicious European breads, the temptations at both locations are truly irresistible.  These wonderful fresh-from-the-oven delights are baked in the wee hours every morning in this Chester bakery.

Fancy Lebanese Bakery

The Fancy Lebanese Bakery laid its foundation in 1962. The late Halim Laba founded the bakery with tradition at the forefront of his ideals. He reached out to many communities in and around Halifax, whatever their origin. The Bakery is always there with a helping hand and has donated food raved about at many events, thus encouraging the arts, neighborhood meetings, and classes given in the community. The Fancy Lebanese Bakery brought people together and helped others to help themselves. Family, friendships, and food knitted the strong tapestry of clients and bakers.


As a baker with experience developing high quality products, Odell decided to take on the NEW challenge to produce quality gluten free products which taste just a good as the gluten filled product. After creating wedding cakes for almost 20 years, the bakery’s first gluten free pound cake was developed with surprising results – friends and family couldn’t tell the difference. Operating from a small commercial kitchen with very few products, Odell’s is completely gluten free, performing extensive cleaning and removing all gluten products from the bakery to provide a contaminate-free option for gluten sensitive customers.

Staff of Life Bakery

Since 1977 when started by a local couple as a small family bakery, Staff of Life has been known as a company who prides themselves on the quality of their products. With decades of experience making healthy, all natural, quality products such as their line of breads and samosas, Staff Of Life Healthfood is committed to using only the best ingredients in all of their products.

Saraj Bakery

Saraj Artisan Bakery is a family-owned-and-operated business, founded in 2007 and co-owned by Sanja Pahole-Novakovic, M.Sc Chem., Chem. Eng. European-born Sanja is a food industry veteran, with 26 years of progressive and responsible experience. She holds advanced degrees in Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Business Management, and received official training in sensory evaluation of food, flavoring science, and culinary science.  Sanja embodies a love for baking, family values and the taste for culinary excellence. The years of helping her mother and grandmother stretch dough, fashion spanakopita or burek, and bake scrumptious breads and pastries, have culminated in the creation of her beloved venture.

Schoolhouse Gluten Free Gourmet

Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet has been offering gluten-free goodies to sensitive gourmets in Nova Scotia since 2009. With a production facility in an old schoolhouse in Martin’s Point, Lunenburg County, co-owners Jen Laughlin and Aidan Brunn, along with a small but mighty team of bakers make small batch goodies–from potato millet bread to decadent brownies, from granola to pumpkin muffins–by hand, and with the freshest ingredients, with an emphasis on local. Schoolhouse Gluten-free Gourmet is proud to be a member of Taste of Nova Scotia, Balle and Smart Select.

Yum Bakery

Yum Foods Limited opened in 1975 with a facility located in Windsor.  A food processing and manufacturing facility, Yum Bakery makes certified organic and natural nut butters, six kinds of granola, delicious breads and baked products.  Founder David Browning remains the sole owner and manager, proud to be helping to grow Nova Scotia’s agri-food industry.