The not-so-secret source for Halifax’s best cuts of beef is out – Pete’s Fine Foods is the prime choice for meat lovers for its terrifically tender, fabulously flavourful, dry aged beef.

For the time-consuming, labour-intensive process of dry aging, only top quality meat is used – sustainably raised, fair-trade beef from small family-owned farms across PEI. The cattle feast on fresh grass all summer long and enjoy a diet of potatoes, grain and veggies the rest of the year. Because the cattle are never fed hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products, customers can enjoy peace of mind – along with the highest quality beef on the market.

Similar to the processes used to age fine cheese or wine, choice cuts of supremely marbled prime rib are placed in a climate-controlled aging room. As the meat rests, enzymes from the muscles’ cells break down proteins into amino acids, turning small amounts of carbohydrates in the meat into sugars, and creating a deep, sweeter flavour. These enzymes weaken connective tissue around protein strands, making the meat even more tender. When the microbe-magic is complete, Pete’s skilled butchers trim the exterior to reveal a tender, mouth-watering centre cut.

Simply put, this new take on an ancient tradition creates the best-tasting beef you’ve ever had.

Dry aged beef has a lower moisture content, requiring less cooking time for a juicy, buttery finish, and pairs well with a hearty, peppery red wine to compliment the meat’s concentrated flavours.

Those in the know are snapping up these special cuts, and for good reason: Pete’s Fine Foods in Bedford is the only butcher in Nova Scotia where you can find it, and only on weekends. Most cuts have been aged to perfection for 30 days, but savvy shoppers know you can custom-order cuts aged for up to a year.

Trust us — it’s worth the wait.