Artisan to bulk, we’re passionate about our products.

Every item is carefully selected to ensure that it is in line with our strict quality standards and our reputation for providing the very best in flavour, nutrition, and value.

A store within a store, ‘grocery’ encompasses all of the packaged product we carry on our shelves. Pete’s ever-expanding cornucopia of unique local and global products represents traditional favourites, ethnic specialties, newest trends and everything in between.  We strive to meet the ever-changing desires and concerns of our customers, and we are proud to provide flavourful alternatives to our customers with unique dietary needs.  Our selection of vegan, lactose free, ethnic, organic, gluten free and allergy sensitive products is carefully chosen to suit these special diets.

Our grocery department is also home to non-food items such as ‘green’ cleaning supplies, toiletries, organic pet treats, chef’s supplies, specialty kitchenware and more.

Of course Pete’s is famous for carrying unique, hard to find items that you won’t find at your typical grocery store.  While you’re shopping for those special picks, don’t miss out on opportunity to try a new spin on an everyday staple!