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Acadian Maple

Acadian Maple Products is a wild crafted gourmet food producer, distributor and exporter. Our specialty is pure Canadian maple syrup but we also offer a whole line of other products including, sugar, candy, wild blueberry, cranberry and honey, to name a few. We are a family owned and operated business that has been offering Nova Scotia and the rest of the world quality wild crafted gourmet foods for over 29 years. Started as a hobby, Acadian Maple has grown to become a flourishing business. Our retail shop, head office and plant are located in Upper Tantallon, just South of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

Acadiana Soy

Acadiana Soy Products is located in Grand Pré, and is one of the few small, traditional tofu shops making fresh tofu in Canada.  Anna, George and daughters, Heather and Emily, are committed to providing good quality soyfoods to Nova Scotians. The soybeans they use are certified organic, non genetically-modified, and wherever possible, organically-grown local ingredients. Tofu is crafted in small batches using open cauldron-style cooking, placed by hand into forming boxes where the curds are pressed into shape before being hand cut into blocks, creating the delicious, fresh, homemade product that you enjoy.


Baxter’s traces their family tree back to 1924, when Robert W. Baxter purchased a small milk route in Saint John. He bought milk directly from local farmers, had it pasteurized and delivered it door to door using a horse and wagon In 1931, Mr. Baxter decided it was time to have his own milk processing plant, and Baxter Dairies Limited was born. Ever committed to quality and service, he processed and delivered fresh milk to families throughout Saint John every day. The Baxter’s family has grown considerably from those humble beginnings, introducing a unique ice cream and frozen treats, more dairies, a new processing plant, and a dairy in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. More recently, they welcomed the Dairyland brand and joined the Saputo family, the largest dairy processor in Canada and the 12th in the world. One thing hasn’t changed – Baxter’s continues to serve premium-quality dairy products to you and your family every day.

Cosman & Whidden

This family farm devoted to beekeeping is owned by Tom Cosman and Mary Ann Whidden, and is located in Greenwich in the Annapolis Valley.  The farm began as a small sideline pursuit in 1979 with two beehives and a passion for bees, and gradually increased to include management of approximately 1200 honeybee colonies with the help of our sons Simon and Ivan Cosman, and employees Garnet Tracey and Lauren Park. Daughter Abby Whidden and Garnet’s wife Gertie also help out from time to time.

Coldspring Farms

The philosophy of Coldspring’s small, family run farm in the Annapolis Valley is simple – “Let Mother Nature do what she does best: foster life.” You can do your part to foster the development of small scale, sustainable agriculture by your loyal support in the marketplace. Every time you demand clean food, grown in our Maritime bio-region, you cast your vote for sustainability in regional food production.

Eden Valley Farms

Nova Scotia‘s own Eden Valley is a local provider of free run and omega-3 eggs, grain-fed chickens and fresh turkeys.  They take pride in their product and through their company promise of ‘from our farms to your family’ aim to educate customers on proper handling and cooking techniques.

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is owned and operated by the Albright family.  Albright Farms is a family owned fourth generation company that started in the early 1920s.  Aubrey Albright, a shoe-maker by trade, worked on a farm until 1929, when the Hallets moved home and Albright bought the farm in Jacksonville, New Brunswick where the company still operates today.

Rocky Top Farms

A family-run farm that produces naturally grown meat, free-range eggs and balsam fir products in New Ross, Nova Scotia.

Websters Farms

Proud to be the number one producer of quality baking beans in Nova Scotia, Websters Farms has been a Charter Member in the Taste of Nova Scotia Quality Food Program since its inception in 1995.

Speerville Flours

Since 1982, the Speerville Flour Mill has been supplying Atlantic Canada with whole grain flours and cereals. One of the founding principles of the mill was to provide a market for grain and other products produced by Maritime farmers.

Terra Beata Cranberry Farm

A Maritime cranberry farm nestled next to the Atlantic Ocean near Lunenburg, Terra Beata was founded in 1998 by David and Evelyn Ernst. Terra Beata cranberry farm serves a range of customers, from families who visit the U-pick and Bog Store for cranberries and farm-made cranberry gourmet preserves, to businesses looking for top-quality frozen cranberries and cranberry products. You’ll find our cranberry products in Pete’s and our frozen berries used as ingredients around the world.

Websters Farms

Proud to be the number one producer of quality baking beans in Nova Scotia, Websters Farms has been a Charter Member in the Taste of Nova Scotia Quality Food Program since its inception in 1995.


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