Meats & Charcuterie

We have a jaw dropping selection of deli-cious meats.

From an assortment of charcuterie for a perfect antipasti platter to a slice of all natural roasted chicken for your family’s lunch boxes.

Sandwich Meats

Freshly roasted, all natural Atlantic beef and chicken is prepared each and every day by our chefs.

Mortadella originated in Bologna, Italy.  It is basically what has become known in our region as “baloney”.  There are a countless number of recipes used to make mortadella, but it is generally a combination of seasoned pork, beef and cubes of fat.

Smoked Meat (pastrami), also known as Montreal style beef, is traditionally served on rye bread and topped with sauerkraut or mustard to offer a zingy contrast – and don’t forget the dill pickle!  This is one of our lunch line favourites.


Calabrese salami is similar to genova, but with a spicier kick.

Capicollo is the finest cuts of pork which have been aged slowly and naturally to give the meat a phenomenal flavour. Combined with grilled eggplant it makes a tasty pre dinner snack, and is excellent with a fresh baguette, cream cheese, fresh basil and a crack of pepper.

Cotechino is a very famous and traditional Italian meat. It is similar to Salami, however, it must be cooked; Cotechino is often boiled at low temperatures. If you enjoy cooking, Cotechino is a fun choice. The gut of this meat can be filled with anything from rind and fat to salt and spices. Cotechino is traditionally served alongside beans and lentils such as our Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia (Lentils).

Genoa salami has a special blend of natural spices that produce a distinct flavour and richness.

Pancetta is an Italian bacon that has been cured with salt and spices. Pancetta is a delicious addition to warm salads, risottos and pasta or even added to your Sunday roast dinner for a delightful flavour.

Porchetta in old Italia is slow roasted pork that was traditionally served as street food. It’s seasoned with Italian herbs such as rosemary, black pepper, and is spicy!

Proscuitto, lonza, coppa and proscuittino are dried cured hams that have been aged in controlled rooms designed match the seasons in Italy.  Mimicking the cool and dry winter months, then the warmer and moist spring, and drying in the long warm summer and resting in the fall, the natural aging gives Proscuitto its distinct, salty flavour.

Salami has many names.  The most common is Genoa but there is also Hungarian, German, Calabrese – the list goes on.   These robust flavours come from the region or country that that particular recipe has become renowned for.    As dried and cured, preserved meat, hunters used salami as nourishment on longer trips.

Salametti are baby salami chubs sold in one piece. Flavours include Genova, Calabrese, Veneto, and Friulano. Great for picnics, school lunches, camping or hunting trips!

Serrano ham is Spanish and can be used similarly to prosciutto.  Try it wrapped around sautéed asparagus, as a topping on pizza or grilled with figs and canteloupe melon.

Sopressa is a flat, dry cured salami. Lightly smoked, this aromatic sausage originated in Calabria in Southern Italy around 500 years ago.

Wine Salamis are made by hand, the artisan way, with love, time and a little wine!  The exclusive Volpi Wine Salame Trio gift box is available leading into the holidays, produced in very small batches and preserved with only sea salt. Perfect for the discerning palates that will appreciate the subtle flavor and high quality of these all natural, nostrano-style specialty cured meats.