Olives are full of goodness and have been keeping Europeans healthy for ages.

The fruit is grown the world over from Greece to Australia and America’s. There is a seemingly endless combination of flavours and textures, all affected by the chosen curing method:

Sicilian-Curing – green olives are preserved in lactic acid, brine and salt.  The strength of flavour is determined through testing when the olive has ripened with its natural sugars.

Salt-Curing – naturally ripe olives are picked and coated in salt then preserved in oil.

Sun-Drying – olives are naturally tree-ripened and harvested and laid out to dry cure in the sun, changing the natural sugar content to give a distinct flavour.

Pete’s offers one of the largest selections of olives on the East Coast.

Stuffed Olives: Gorgonzola / Garlic / Asiago / Feta / Blue Cheese

Pitted & Non-pitted: Colossal Green Pitted / Jumbo Cracked Siclian / Nicoise / Maddelena / Stuffed Queens in Brine / Picante Green / Bella Di Cerignola.

Olive Salads: Sweet Heart Mix with cured peppers / Roman style Medley / Greek Feta Style Olives.