Our Fresh Selection

Surrounded by the Atlantic and by the best suppliers in the business, the world is your oyster when you visit our Fish Monger.


Local haddock, cod, Halibut, sole… the list goes on. Available seasonally at the fish monger, these common groundfish are staples in Nova Scotia. We’re ready to help you with a whole cod for stuffing and baking, fillet and skin fillets of haddock for the frypan, or cut some delicious halibut steaks for the grill.


Pete’s works hard to ensure we sell you the best, highest quality fish available for you to construct your own sushi at home. Whether it is tuna, salmon, roe, smoked eel or something else ask a monger.


We sell quahogs, little  neck clams, cherry stone clams, atlantic jackknife clams, and live bay scallops. On top of that we have local coldwater shrimp and large Digby scallops.  Many of our shellfish come from Black Point in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The Northumberland straight provides temperate water conditions, ideal for the production of premium quality oysters and shellfish. While clams and live scallops are a spring and summer item, Black Point Oysters can be enjoyed year round.

Our close relationship with Canesp, a local family-run supplier that always keeps sustainability top of mind, means top of the line seafood for our customers. All of the shellfish they provide to us is hand picked (oysters), or diver picked (clams and live scallops). None of the products touch any sort of machinery and each piece is assessed by hand – Purely the best, and as fresh as it gets.