If you love smoky flavour, this sandwich is for you.  The smoky club – and not the dancing kind – is savoury, messy, tangy, gooey and delicious in all the right ways.  A twist on the usual chicken-and-bacon combo, this sandwich uses smoked chicken legs or smokey chicken breast, and spicy chorizo to add a different flavour profile than your usual diner favourite.  This makes a great lunch served with a side of pickles or salty potato chips.  A great local beer wouldn’t go amiss either…



1 loaf Gingerbread Haus Italian Sourdoughsmokyclub

1 package Brandt Smoked Chicken Legs or Chicken Breast

1 package Marquesa Berico Chorizo

1 wedge Oka L’Artisan Smoke cheese

Goodleaf Farms Pea Shoots

Stonewall Kitchen Maine Maple Champagne Mustard


Butter, for grilling



Remove the smoked chicken meat from the leg bone and sauté in a large frying pan over medium heat until it begins to brown and crisp.  While you sauté, use two forks to shred the meat.  Remove from heat.


Cut three slices of bread for each sandwich you want to make.  On the first side, spread a layer of mustard.  Pile the shredded chicken on this piece, and top with a few slices of smoked cheese.  Spread the middle piece of bread with mayonnaise before placing it on the chicken.  Pile the chorizo and pea shoots on the middle slice of bread, and top with a few more slices of cheese.  Finish with some more mustard and mayo before topping your sandwich with the final slice of bread.


Heat a large frying pan over medium heat.  Butter one side of your club sandwich and place it, butter side down, in the pan.  Because of the sandwich’s size, it helps to cover the pan with a lid, if you have one, to allow the cheese to melt.  Grill until brown.  Butter the other side of the sandwich and flip, grilling the other side until it’s also browned.


Serve with pickles or your favourite potato chips.  Enjoy!



Jessie is a writer, food lover and women’s wellness practitioner. She owns the Halifax-based Nalumana Women’s Wellness, and writes about all things food, wellness, parenting and adventure for a variety of publications, including her own blog, Purple House Cafe.