Specialty Seafood

When you’re fishing around for something special from the sea, cast your eyes over our cases.


Caviar is a decadent treat sure to make any occasion special.  Available year-round from our local distributors, we offer carry two of the most popular kinds of this delicacy: Mujjol Caviar (black) comes from the mujjol fish of Spain and is extremely versatile for caviar. It can withstand high cooking temperatures, and will not bleed its color to other ingredients. The cooking process does not affect the shape, texture or taste of the product. Salmon Caviar (red) comes from female salmon. The pearls of caviar are larger and more often enjoyed as a finishing touch rather than an ingredient for cooking. The most common way to eat salmon caviar is on top of baguette with butter. Traditionally this would also be enjoyed with some nice Russian vodka!  Our salmon caviar is a product of Germany.

Smoked Salmon

Nova Scotian Smoked Salmon is world-famous, and it’s no wonder.  It’s great in a pasta sauce, on a Montreal bagel with cream cheese and capers, as part of a dip or on its own. All of our smoked salmon comes from Nova Scotia, is produced from Atlantic Salmon, and comes in two main categories; Hot smoked and (the more popular) cold smoked. Hot smoked salmon is fully cooked and comes in a variety of flavors. Cold smoked salmon is a cured product that is not cooked but smoked in a low temperature smoke to infuse the fish with flavor without cooking it. The J. Willy Krauch smoke house is located in Tangier, Nova Scotia.

Gravlax (Lox)

Made in house by our talented Fish Mongers, Gravlax is a European delicacy. We cure fresh salmon in a mixture of salt, sugar, dill and other spices before thinly slicing it.  The delicious result is a product that is much like cold smoked salmon but with a fresh herb flavor rather than a smoked flavor.   Gravlax can be enjoyed in many of the same ways as Smoked Salmon.