Fig Cakes & Muffins

Figs have a long history as a food source. Highly prized by early civilizations, this sweet fruit has woven its way into religious texts and ancient mythology....
Sprouts 3

Pancetta Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Good god I love cured meat. It’s a problem that’s turning out to be a chronic problem. I stopped by the deli at Pete’s and had a wonderful conversation with a ...

Irish Stew With Dumplings

Given Nova Scotia’s weather, it’s hard to predict how we’ll celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17. Six years ago, in my first year in Halifax, I sat on the...

Pete’s Chinese (New Year) Take Out

I’ve always loved exploring other cultures through their cuisines. When I was growing up, we often celebrated holidays with feasts.  For example, we’d enjoy Me...