Hawaiian Cold Brew

Summer is cold brew time in my house.  This particular recipe is a nod toward two of my favourite travel memories:  drinking Vietnamese coffee in Southeast Asia...

Panna Cotta with Warm Salted Caramel

Some people like salty and sweet, others like hot and sour; but I am a fan of temperature extremes in my food.  Whether it’s cold whipped cream on my hot chocol...
BBQ pizza4

BBQ Chicken, Apple and Cashew Pizza

This recipe is a twist on the classic barbecue chicken pizza that we know and love. This unique take reveals that pizza has a sophisticated side. These days it ...


I first discovered bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, while I was living next to a formerly expat family who had returned to Canada from Asia with dozens of i...
pad thai taco3

Pad Thai Tacos

The flavours of pad thai are a favourite in our household, and in many others, I would venture.  There’s something about the umami earthiness of tamarind, the b...