I first discovered bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, while I was living next to a formerly expat family who had returned to Canada from Asia with dozens of i...
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Pad Thai Tacos

The flavours of pad thai are a favourite in our household, and in many others, I would venture.  There’s something about the umami earthiness of tamarind, the b...
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Sweet & Savory French Camembert

When I visit Pete’s Fine Foods I always find myself drifting to the cheese section whether or not cheese is on my shopping list. Their selection is extensive fe...

Millet Onion Bhaji with Herbed Yogurt

Bhaji make a lovely starter or mid-afternoon snack, traditionally served with a hot cup of tea to accompany.  These are addictively delicious, warmly spicy trea...

Earth Day Salsa Dip

There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day with food.  Nova Scotia is home to a bounty of locally grown and produced foods, including vegetables, fruits, her...