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tofu with sesame seeds

4 Healthy Foods to Measure Out

When it comes to healthy food, more is better right?  Well not always. We are designed to thrive on a diet with lots of variety, obtaining our nutrients from ma...

We review the best health & nutrition apps

When we think of our phones, the words health and nutrition don’t typically come to mind.  But with the plethora of wellness apps out there these days, your pho...

How to enrich your diet with whole grains

In recent years, beginning with the publication of Dr. William Davis’s book Wheat Belly, grains have gotten a pretty bad rap.  They have been blamed for everyth...

Is Fasting Safe?

Fasting has become one of the most popular and controversial health trends in recent years.  While fasting has been practiced for thousands of years, it has rec...

5 Pre-Race Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

It’s running season in Nova Scotia! Between now and November not a week goes by without at least one race or marathon happening. While training and proper nu...

5 Healthy Ways to Cut Sugar Cravings

If you’ve experienced the power of a sugar craving (and let’s be honest- who hasn’t!), you won’t be surprised to hear that studies have shown sugar can be even ...

5 food that will protect your skin

We all know the importance of taking care of our skin during the summer months, but did you know that you can actually “eat” your sunscreen? By filling your pla...

5 Food to Boost Mood

We all experience the massive effect foods have on moods. From the jittery caffeine buzz to drowsiness following a heavy meal, diet has a serious effect on how ...
fruit water

5 Detoxifying Fruit Water Infusions

We all know the health benefits of swapping sugar filled drinks like soda for water, but sometimes water is, well, a little boring. We don’t think there’s an...