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Supplements & Wellness

Sprouted from the goodness of the earth... And inspired by our deep concern for your body’s well being, Pete’s supplements department combines all natural heal...

Organic & Non-GMO

What's all of the fuss about? Choosing organic is a matter of personal choice, and we're here to help you to make an educated decision. What does organic mean...

Find Your Fibre

Are you getting enough? If you are like most Canadians, you’re likely not getting enough fibre in your diet: Canadians average about 14g per day.  That's much ...

Reducing Salt & Sugar

Here are a few tips to keep your sugar and sodium intake under control without missing it.

Decoding Food Labels

Learn your labels and be a smarter shopper. Marketing, media and nutritional claims on packages can be misleading. The nutritional label is your best tool to d...

Vegan & Vegetarian

Following a vegetarian diet? It can be very healthy, rewarding, and delicious! However, it's important to ensure all nutrients are being obtained.  How can you...

Gluten Free

It's been popping up everywhere lately: Gluten Free. What is it all about, and why does it affect people differently? Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye,...

Lactose Intolerance

No tolerance for it? Lactose is the natural sugar found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and butter.  The amount of lactose tolerated is i...

The Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Managing a healthy diet is key to staying healthy with Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to properly store excessive sugar from f...

Special Diets & Lifestyle

We carry items that fit within all special diets. We carry items for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free that are local, unique and tasty. Please see our knowledge...