Premium meats,  premium service.

Our butcher department is a cut above.

We are proud to carry a wide range of Wagyu and USDA Prime Beef, local hormone-free, antibiotic-restricted beef, local pork and lamb, rabbit, and free-range chicken. Pete’s Fine Foods’ chefs make our own gourmet sausages and mouth-watering Montreal-style bacon. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose from a variety of game birds and exotic meats including duck, ostrich, emu, wild boar and llama. Our friendly butchers are here to take your requests for the highest quality of fresh, smoked or cured products available.

Meet Your Meat

You might be surprised to know how much of your meat and poultry comes from our own backyard. We work with the top local suppliers to bring...

How to Shop

Filet mignon vs flank? Our butchers break it down... Brisket – Gaining in popularity, a brisket is the cut of meat from a cow’s lower ches...

Prepared Meats

Don’t feel like doing all of that work? No problem! Check out some of these helpful top sellers. Stuffed Pork Chops – A mouth-watering pork...