Catch up with our premium seafood.

Fresh or frozen, whole or on the shell, wild-caught or farmed, local or exotic – Pete’s Fine Foods’ seafood selection will have you hook, line, and sinker!

Our fish mongers are ready to prepare a whole cod for stuffing and baking, to fillet and skin haddock for the frying pan, or to cut beautiful halibut steaks for the grill.

When it comes to fish from afar, Pete’s Fine Foods works hard to provide the best, highest quality fish available for sushi, including tuna, salmon roe and smoked eel.

Fresh Service

Our skilled fishmongers offer the same old-fashioned service that you’ll find throughout the store, and are eager to provide insight on fishing methods, seafood choices and cooking tips, and to recommend the perfect ingredients to accompany your selection.  Every day we clean, fillet, pan dress and scale fish, and are here to help you with any special requests.