We sniff out the world’s best.

Can’t remember that Beemster you’ve been searching for? Seeking just the right old cheddar? Dreaming of a double-crème brie?  Our staff is always enthusiastic about sharing their personal favourites. Just ask – we will eagerly help you to find the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

The world’s finest fromages…

We sniff out the best selections from across the globe, including:

  • France – Beaufort, Epoisses, Roquefort, brie, Camembert, washed rinds
  • Italy – Padano, reggiano, asaigo, fontina, gorgonzola, taleggio
  • Germany – esrom, cambozola, tilsiter
  • Spain – manchego, cabra al vina, queso de cabra, valdeon
  • Norway – Ski Queen (gjetost), Jarlsberg
  • Holland – goudas, beemster, maasdam
  • Denmark – blue, fontina, gargonzola
  • USA – cheddar, asaigo, Fontina
  • Canada – cheddar, oka, swiss, brie, chevre (and, of course, a large selection of local cheeses)
  • England – blue, cheddar, Cheshire, Lancashire, Caerphilly
  • Ireland – cheddar, blue
  • Australia – blue, cheddar
  • Switzerland – Emmenthaler, tete de moine, gruyere, apenzeller, raclette
  • Wales – cheddar
  • Cyprus – Halloumi
  • Greece – feta

Can’t decide?  Ask for a sample!


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