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The history of ‘The Frootique’ isn’t complete without sharing the story of our founder.

Pete LuckettAt age 14, Pete Luckett was already attracted to the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. With the vendors’ part sideshow, part business-savvy sales style, Pete saw a perfect fit for his gregarious personality and entrepreneurial sprit by the time he was 20.

He’d negotiated a modest fruit and vegetable stall at the famous Nottingham’s Victoria Market and quickly learned how to stand out in the hubbub. His customers never left without knowing something new, trying something new, a full basket and a smile on their face.  The first “Pete’s Fine Foods” was born.

This could have been a fine place for Pete to live out his life. But the “Jack the lad” lifestyle of a British open market fruit merchant paled in comparison to the promises of the New World. Pete’s love for great food and flavours sent him on culinary adventures that evoked his wanderlust. He spent years exploring the world with its myriad of tastes and textures, before settling in Atlantic Canada. Pete was now primed with an incredible array of experiences, and set out to merge the flavours and textures of his own life into a single, incredible, greengrocer experience that took Atlantic Canada by storm.

Pete’s first goal was to capture the down-home personality and heritage of the Victorian Market he left.

No matter if it is Pete himself on the floor or one of his friendly staff bustling about, customers feel like part of a community when they shop at Pete’s Fine Foods. Each destination offers expert vendors who know their stuff and can’t wait to share it!

Pete’s second goal was to capture the allure of international cuisines.

Exotic food represented the sights and sounds of other cultures, sparking his imagination and curiosity. For over 20 years Pete has shared this passion through local newspaper columns, national television guest spots, and his own international food series. Now, Pete’s Fine Foods’ customers are as comfortable choosing a cherimoya from the Andes Mountains, or plantain from Columbia, as they are a Nova Scotia apple or PEI potato.

Pete’s Fine Foods is a national award-winning specialty grocery store because of Pete Luckett. He turned his passion into a business that is designed to delight, entice and spark the imagination. And our customers never leave without knowing something new, trying something new, a full basket and a smile on their face.

Pete provides a variety of different keynotes and speaking topics related to customer experiences, innovation, entrepreneurship and engaging teams. We can also provide one-of-a-kind special event programs that are fully customized to your group.

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