Tropical Sunrise Recipe


Think of warmer weather with this tropical, fun and fruity mocktail recipe – or add tequila to make it a cocktail! The Tropical Sunrise is created using two of our favourite fruit juices from France – Rième Blood Orange Limonade and Effervé Tangerine Lime Sparkling Lemonade. This combination of sparkling juices offers a taste that is slightly sweet and refreshingly tart. Take a sip and be transported to sandy beaches, palm trees and sunshine!

Prep Time: 5 minutes   Ready In: 5 minutes



Matt & Steve’s Strawberry Kiss Cocktail Rimmer

3oz Effervé Tangerine Lime Sparkling Lemonade (chilled)

1oz Rième Blood Orange Limonade (chilled)

1 lime wedge

1 ½ oz tequila (optional)

Fresh fruit such as orange, star fruit, cherries to garnish



Rim the glass with the lime wedge before dipping into the Strawberry Kiss cocktail rimmer. Add the two fruit juices and tequila (optional) to the rimmed glass and garnish with fresh fruit. Enjoy!