Creamy Hollandaise Devilled Eggs

Makes: 16 half eggs
Time: 40 minutes

The last year has seen a resurgence in popularity of classic recipes from decades past, from shrimp cocktail, to Jello molds, to devilled eggs. This classic party recipe is great as an amuse-bouche, or an appetizer and easy to eat with your hands. Devilled eggs are quick, easy to make, and very cost effective if you’re entertaining a large group. These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated.

-8 extra large eggs
-half of a 235g jar of Sussex Valley Hollandaise Sauce
-1 tbsp Joe Beef Sauce Piquante Hot Sauce
-juice of half a lemon
-fresh ground pepper
-2 pieces of prosciutto or serrano ham (ripped into small flakes)
-handful of scallions (cut into thin slices)
-a few pinches of paprika
-finishing salt

Fill a large pot with cold water, enough to cover 8 eggs, and bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer, and let eggs cook for 10 minutes. Remove eggs and submerge in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then peel and refrigerate. (It is easier to cut the eggs when they are cold, so if you want to speed up the process, you can put the peeled eggs in the freezer for 10 minutes.)

Once the eggs are fully cooled, take them out and place them on a cutting board, and cut each, carefully, lengthwise down the middle. Carefully remove the yolk from each half egg, either with your fingers or a small spoon. Try to remove as much of the yolk as possible, without breaking the hardboiled white; the yolk on the other hand will be blended so you don’t need to preserve the shape.

Once all the yolk is removed, and in a bowl, crush the yolks with a fork, or potato masher to try to make as smooth as possible. Then mix in hollandaise, lemon, and pepper with a whisk or electric mixer. Put the yolks in the fridge to cool.

In a hot dry pan, crisp the prosciutto bits until darker and crunchy. Watch attentively.

To fill the hardboiled egg whites with the yolk mixture, use either a piping bag, with a smooth tip, or spoon the mixture into a small or medium Ziploc style bag, and cut a small hole at the end to allow the yolk to be piped into the hollows of the eggs.

Once you’ve filled all the eggs with yolk, sprinkle each with prosciutto, scallion, paprika and a small amount of salt. Optional: a dash of Joe Beef Hot Sauce on top of each egg for extra zip.

Serve immediately, or these can be kept covered in the refrigerator for up to half a day before eating.

Recipe created by Jess Emin


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