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While preserving the culture of our English market heritage, we commit to our founder’s passion of consistently providing our customers with the finest & freshest, the most unique & the most unusual, with the true entrepreneurial spirit. We recognize our success is made possible by relentlessly pursuing valued relationships with staff, and memorable experiences with customers while being recognized as partners in the community. 


This is our promise to our community, our employees, and of course, our customers.



We believe that delivering an extraordinary experience comes from the core of our operation – our employees. Our core values are our foundation. They guide us to consistently provide an exciting environment that honours our relationships with our staff, customers, suppliers and community. This is who we are and it’s who our customers expect us to be.


We’re always on stage

We proudly deliver a superior experience to all those who encounter Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods through our standards of quality and excellence of our products, product knowledge, customer service and attention to detail.


We do the right thing, every time

We interact with each other, work and make decisions with integrity – as if the people we respect most are looking over our shoulders and are aware of our actions. With enthusiasm, positivity and care we hold ourselves accountable to our own sense of right to surpass the expectations of our stakeholders. We are always looking for opportunities to be extraordinary and to make the everyday extraordinary for our customers.


We nurture valued relationships

Trusting, family-like relationships are fostered at Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods because we value people personally and professionally.  We take pride in and respect each other’s diversity and connect through our shared values. We put effort into getting to know the people around us and we think it’s important to have fun at work.


We think fresh

At Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods we deliver uniqueness and innovation every day, by pioneering new trends in food and service and anticipating the desires of customers. Our open-mindedness and adaptability allow new ideas to come forward, experimentation to take place and creativity to be expressed in all aspects of our business.


We help others be extraordinary

We work to unlock the latent potential in each Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods’ team member. We strive to nurture each other’s strengths through recognition, encouragement, feedback and accountability. We view our environment as a place to grow and develop to become our best selves.


We select sustainability 

We have a responsibility to support the health of our environment, the profitability of our business, the happiness of our employees and the vivacity of our community. We operate efficiently, make environmentally conscious decisions, appropriately manage waste, and use our resources effectively.


The history of ‘The Frootique’ isn’t complete without sharing the story of our founder.


With a modest fruit and vegetable stall at the famous Nottingham’s Victoria Market he quickly learned how to stand out in the hubbub. His customers never left without knowing something new, trying something new, a full basket and a smile on their face.  The first “Pete’s Frootique” was born.


When opening in Nova Scotia, Pete’s first goal was to capture the down-home personality and heritage of the Victorian Market he left. No matter if it was Pete himself on the floor or one of his friendly staff bustling about, customers feel like part of a community when they shop at Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods. Both stores offer expert vendors who know their stuff and can’t wait to share it!


Pete’s second goal was to capture the allure of international cuisines. For over 20 years Pete has shared this passion for exotic and international foods through local newspaper columns, national television guest spots, and his own international food series. Now customers are as comfortable choosing a cherimoya from the Andes Mountains, or plantain from Columbia, as they are a Nova Scotia apple or PEI potato.


Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods is a national award-winning specialty grocery store because of Pete Luckett. He turned his passion into a business that is designed to delight, entice and spark the imagination.


In 2015, Pete’s Frootique was sold to Sobeys. John W. Sobey, another entrepreneur, started the Sobeys brand as a meat delivery service in 1907. In 1924, the brand expanded into a full service grocery business first serving the Pictou County area. You can now find Sobeys stores and their other banners (Needs, Sobeys Express, Safeway, Foodland, Lawtons etc.) all across the country. We’re excited to see what the future has in store for Pete’s Frootique and Fine Foods!


Businesses are built from communities.

That’s why Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods believes in giving back. Currently we are pleased to support two main charities of choice, Feed Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia SPCA. Both of these charities do such important work in our communities. Our support goes beyond the store, our staff volunteer, we host promotions/events to raise awareness and funds and our customers help with at- the check-out asks.

In addition to our monthly donations, our customers helped through donations at our Thanksgiv’er and a portion of Burger Week sales went directly back to those in need. Thank you for supporting Feed Nova Scotia.

Pete’s Community Program is an integral part of our organization. It demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of our customers and to our neighbourhood. That commitment goes to the very core of our company values, and it’s our way of helping to build a strong community from the ground up.


Process for Charitable Requests

Can we help? Please email your written request to




Join our team of Passionate Performers! Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods might have a home for you. Visit this link to see a full listing of available positions. 


Interview tips

An interview is your time to shine! This is an opportunity for you to share a little bit about yourself, your work history and experience, talk about your goals and ambitions and to learn about our company. Below are a few tips to help you succeed in your interview!

  1. Be prepared
  2. Relax! Interviews make most people nervous but the more relaxed you are the smoother the interview will go. Take a few deep breaths and gather your thoughts!
  3. Share with us your passion for customer service – At Pete’s Frootique we focus in on providing exceptional customer service. During your interview we want to hear about your experiences in this area!
  4. Love food? Tell us about it!
  5. Ask questions – the interview is also a time for you to ask questions and find out more about working at Pete’s Frootique

The Team

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