When we think of our phones, the words health and nutrition don’t typically come to mind.  But with the plethora of wellness apps out there these days, your phone can be the ultimate healthy sidekick!

In today’s post I’m sharing some of the top health and nutrition apps that will leave you feeling healthy, fit, and inspired.  Wellness is just a click away!


This app is like having a nutritionist come grocery shopping with you. Scan the barcodes on food products and it will pull up its nutritional information, display a letter grade from A to D, and offer healthy suggestions if applicable.

Love Food Hate Waste

This app helps you to reduce food waste and make healthy meal choices by providing recipes based on the leftover food you have in your kitchen.  How many times have ended up with random ingredients left over from other recipes and find they end up going to waste?  Not anymore!  Enter them into this app and turn your extra ingredients into delicious meals.

Recipe apps

I couldn’t choose just one for this category- there are so many amazing recipe apps out there!  Check out Oh She Glows and Deliciously Ella for amazing vegan and plant based recipes, Jamie Oliver for quick and healthy meals (his app is free), and Hippie Lane for delicious raw dessert recipes.  This is just the tip of the iceberg though, so do a little research to find a recipe app that suits your diet, lifestyle and taste buds.

Fitness apps

Again, so hard to narrow this down to one.  If you aren’t a fan of the gym these apps are for you!  Stream workout videos from your phone with fitness apps like Blogilates (YouTube sensation Cassey Ho’s Pilates workouts), Freeletics (bodyweight workouts), and Daily Yoga.  All fitness apps mentioned are free, with the option for paid upgrades.


Raise your hand if you could improve your sleep and exercise routines!  This app helps you to do just that by leading you through a simple six week program.  It helps you to get on a regular sleep schedule, helps you to reset your body clock, and encourages physical activity.


Okay, this might not seem like an obvious choice for a health and nutrition app, but I get SO much inspiration from the amazing health and wellness accounts that I follow.  Filling up your feed with informative and inspiring content by following health bloggers, nutritionists, fitness experts, etc. is a great way to find fun and informative health information.

Got a favourite health app not listed here? Leave us a comment!


Kate Horodyski is a Halifax-based freelance writer and wellness blogger. You can find her online on My Spiritual Roadtrip and on Instagram, @myspiritualroadtrip.