Core Values

It’s what creates the Pete’s Fine Foods’ Experience.

We believe that delivering an extraordinary experience comes from the core of our operation – our employees. Our core values are our foundation. They guide us to consistently provide an exciting environment that honours our relationships with our staff, customers, suppliers and community. This is who we are and it’s who our customers expect us to be.

We’re Always On Stage

We proudly deliver a superior experience to all those who encounter Pete’s Fine Foods through our standards of quality and excellence of our products, product knowledge, customer service and attention to detail.

We Do the Right Thing, Every Time

We interact with each other, work and make decisions with integrity – as if the people we respect most are looking over our shoulders and are aware of our actions.  With enthusiasm, positivity and care we hold ourselves accountable to our own sense of right to surpass the expectations of our stakeholders. We are always looking for opportunities to be extraordinary and to make the everyday extraordinary for our customers.

We Nurture Valued Relationships

Trusting, family-like relationships are fostered at Pete’s Fine Foods because we value people personally and professionally.  We take pride in and respect each other’s diversity and connect through our shared values. We put effort into getting to know the people around us and we think it’s important to have fun at work.

We Think Fresh

At Pete’s Fine Foods we deliver uniqueness and innovation every day, by pioneering new trends in food and service and anticipating the desires of customers. Our open-mindedness and adaptability allow new ideas to come forward, experimentation to take place and creativity to be expressed in all aspects of our business.

We Help Others be Extraordinary

We work to unlock the latent potential in each Pete’s Fine Foods’ team member. We strive to nurture each other’s strengths through recognition, encouragement, feedback and accountability. We view our environment as a place to grow and develop to become our best selves.

We Select Sustainability

We have a responsibility to support the health of our environment, the profitability of our business, the happiness of our employees and the vivacity of our community. We operate efficiently, make environmentally conscious decisions, appropriately manage waste, and use our resources effectively.


Are you extraordinary?

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