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Top your BBQ with our delicious Coleslaw

Sometimes the best burger toppings are right under your nose. We’re obsessed with this delicious summer combo–creamy Pete’s Own Coleslaw with breaded, grain-...

Fancy up your barbecue with Wagyu beef

Is your BBQ bored?  Here’s a sizzling solution for exciting summer grilling: Wagyu Beef. An upscale star of the global food scene for years, this top-tasting...

New! Chickapea Pasta

Made with chick peas & lentils–that’s it! This pasta is gluten and GMO free, vegan, and certified USDA/Canadian Organic and Kosher. Not only is it made w...

Tealovers, you want JusTea

JusTea are certified fair trade, ethically sourced teas in Kenya, with elegant flavour. Packaged in beautiful hand-dyed fabric with a carved wooden tea spoon, t...

Wildly Delicious Korean BBQ Sauce

It’s all the rage–bring delicious sticky, sweet and sour flavours to your next rack of short ribs or Pete's Own Gourmet Sausages. Marinate beef short ribs or...
hot chocolate

Some Like It Hot

Turn up the heat with this luxuriously rich creamy chocolate, spiced with a tongue-tingling pinch of Chili. Some Like It Hot Chocolate is handmade with organ...

Amola Salts

New: Amola Salt! Made in Vancouver BC with local and organic ingredients - no food colourings, flavor enhancers or preservatives – these infused salts will ...

Jarlsberg Cheese

This famous traditional Norwegian cheese is often referred to as a Baby Swiss. Creamy yet firm, it has the texture and signature holes of Swiss Emmental wit...

Faroe Island Salmon, a unique flavour

This salmon is wonderfully fatty and has a flavour comparable to wild caught fish. The Faroe Islands are located between the Norwegian sea and the North Atlanti...