Spicy Bomba Goat Cheese Dip

• 8 oz. Woolwich soft fresh goat cheese
• 1 jar of Maria’s Pantry Bomba Calabrese
• Handful fresh basil, roughly chopped
• Olive oil, for drizzling
• Baguette, sliced

In an oven safe serving dish, dollop spoonfuls of goat cheese into the dish. Fill in the gaps with spoonfuls of Maria’s Pantry Bomba Calabrese.

Bake at 425°F for 20 minutes or until the mixture melts and lightly browns on top. While the dip is baking, slice your baguette and drizzle on some olive oil. Brown in the oven for 10 minutes alongside your dip.

Once cooled slightly – top the dip with fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil and serve with sliced toasted baguette for dipping!

Recipe by Erin Pettipas | @PASTASALT


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